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The easiest way to unlock crypto for your customers. Krayon offers a full-service platform and API for custody, liquidity and payments.


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Here's what to expect:

Faster onboarding

No set up fee. No sales calls.

Granular control

Manage user roles & permissions; create spending limits; whitelist contracts.

Multichain support

New chains added regularly.

For Developers

MPC wallet as a service API

Looking for an MPC solution for your app? Check out our API docs here. You can sign up and start playing with the API straight away - no sales calls, no bs. Any questions, just email our dev team.

API Documentation
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Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.
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For Startups and Teams

Digital Asset wallets with multi-party approvals

Need a secure wallet to manage your crypto? You can signup here. It's FREE. There’s no lengthy onboarding, and no need to speak with anyone. And there’s a demo environment you can play with.

Try For Free - No credit card required

Features that will help you build better and faster

Krayon is a completely self-service platform so you don't need to go through any lengthy onboarding process. Just sign up and start using our product for FREE. Here's what else you can expect:

A complete solution for builders and investors

MPC Wallet as a Service

Our WaaS solution means developers can build enterprise-grade custody directly into their applications. Create as many MPC-based wallets as you need for your organisation or your clients. Get started in minutes.

Crypto Trading API

Our smart order routing system offers best execution directly from your MPC-based wallets. Source pricing and trade across 20+ central exchanges and 40+ decentralized exchanges. Secure your assets in your wallet as collateral for end-of-day net settlement.

Wallet Management

We make it easy for businesses to manage their wallets. Whether it's adding users and assigning roles and permissions, or defining spending limits and whitelisting contracts - you can do it all with Krayon.

what is MPC crypto

What is Multi-Party Computation?

A definitive guide to MPC and how it compares to other key management solutions.

What is MPC: Multi-Party Computation explained
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Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

Why use Krayon for MPC Wallets?

MPC custody
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Wallet management
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Transaction reporting
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User roles and permissions
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Mass payments
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