Bitcoin Custody: Krayon Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin

July 26, 2023

A Better Way To Self-Custody Bitcoin

This announcement is way overdue! If you're looking to self-custody Bitcoin, look no further.

We’re thrilled to announce that Krayon now supports Bitcoin, the most iconic and influential cryptocurrency in the world. This exciting update, imbued with an array of groundbreaking features, promises an unprecedented experience for Bitcoin HODLers.

Our guiding principle has always been to prioritize user security and convenience. With the introduction of Bitcoin support, we're staying true to that commitment. Krayon does away with traditional seed phrases. Instead, we use advanced Multi-Party Computation (MPC)-based wallets to enhance security, ensuring your digital assets are always safeguarded.

At Krayon, we believe that you should always be in full control of your assets. To that end, we offer a self-custodial system. You are the only one who has full control over your Bitcoin wallet, underscoring our dedication to respecting and upholding user autonomy.

A significant addition is our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery program. Krayon handles all backups, and in case of any unfortunate scenarios, our robust disaster recovery protocols will ensure your wallet's resilience and durability.

For businesses and teams, we’ve included the same multiparty approvals feature we’ve developed for all supported networks. 'n of m' admins can be required to approve transactions, reinforcing transactional security.

Experience the simplicity of creating a Bitcoin wallet in less than 60 seconds! It’s incredibly fast, easy, and efficient - making the world of Bitcoin self-custody accessible at your fingertips.

Finally, our enhanced wallet management allows you to invite other users via email. Just as in a multisig wallet, you can manage roles and permissions, but with a far greater degree of security and flexibility. This feature transforms your wallet into a dynamic, interactive platform that accommodates varying levels of access and control, tailored to your requirements.

Join us as we chart a new course in the crypto space with our Bitcoin support. At Krayon Wallet, we're all about empowering you to safely, securely, and conveniently navigate the world of cryptocurrency. Welcome to your future wallet!

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