Best Crypto Wallet
For Businesses

With Krayon you can set up a crypto wallet for your business in minutes. We use Multi-Party Computation to keep your business's crypto safe. Add your email below to get early access to our corporate crypto wallet.


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Best Business Crypto Wallet

MPC Custody

Secure your business's crypto assets with institutional grade custody using our MPC business wallet solution. You can create as many wallets as your business needs.

Manage Wallets

Keep track of all of your business's wallets in one place. Manage user roles and permissions for your employees. Control access to individual business wallets. Create custom rules for transaction types and amounts.

Business Bulk Payments

Looking to pay staff or vendors with crypto? We've got your covered with simplified bulk crypto payments. Pay hundreds of employees in one go.

What Makes Krayon The Best Crypto Business Wallet

Frequently asked questions

How to open a business crypto wallet
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Opening a crypto wallet for your business is easy. Simply sign up for an account with Krayon and follow the steps. It only takes a couple of minutes.

How to set up a crypto wallet for business
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To set up a crypto wallet for your business, you'll need to first create an organisation account with us. Once you're signed up, creating a crypto wallet is super easy. And you create as many business wallets as you like and manage them all from one secure platform.

Do you offer a crypto business credit card
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Not right now. But we will be soon! Sign up to our private beta and we'll notify you when our crypto business credit card becomes available.

Can I create a crypto wallet for my small business
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Yes, of course! Sign up for business crypto wallet and follow the steps to create an account for your small business.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.
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