Polygon MPC Wallet As A Service

August 16, 2023

Krayon MPC WaaS Launches Support For Polygon Network

Krayon's MPC wallet-as-a-service now supports the Polygon network.

Developers can use the Krayon WaaS API and/or SDK to embed enterprise-grade wallets in their applications, with support for Polygon. You can signup for Krayon and generate an API token in under 60 seconds. Deploy hundreds of thousands of secure wallets in minutes. There's no setup fee and pricing scales with usage.

Krayon provides a simple and robust API to manage cryptocurrencies, create secure MPC-based wallets, sign transactions and manage your entire portfolio in one place. Krayon's WaaS also supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Optimism, and Arbitrum, with support for new chains being added regularly.

Start building with secure MPC-based wallets on Polygon today!

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