Introducing Tron Support

October 4, 2023

Krayon's MPC Wallet Now Supports Tron Network (TRC20) With Multi-Party Approvals

The past couple of months, many of you have been asking me almost daily "wen Tron?"...

I kept telling you "devs are workin on it".

And still you kept asking "wen Tron?".

Well that all changes today... Because I'm excited to announce that it's finally here!

With the Krayon platform you can now create wallets on TRC20 along side all of your existing wallets.

Tron Multisig

Krayon's MPC wallet now supports Tron network and users can set up multiparty approvals for their Tron wallets. If you're looking for a multisig wallet that supports Tron, Krayon's MPC wallet solution is the most secure option on the market.

The Krayon platform provides you with complete wallet management for Tron and other supported networks. You can invite users to your organisation without worrying about seed phrases. Because we use Multiparty Computation you'll save on gas fees in comparison to standard Tron multisig wallets. And we offer superior security.

Convert Fiat to USDT

We also offer on/off-ramp services, allowing you to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa in over 50 different countries.

Looking to swap fiat for USDT? Book a demo today and we can have you setup in a matter of hours.

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