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Crypto mass payments made easy. Send cryptocurrencies to 100,000+ contacts in under a minute. And store contact groups for regular bulk payments. Companies, DAOs and teams use Krayon to handle their bulk payments. Sign up in seconds. Try it for FREE.


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Crypto Mass Payments & Treasury Management

MPC Custody

Secure your treasury assets with institutional grade custody using our MPC wallet solution. You can create as many wallets as you need to manage your treasuries crypto assets.

Wallet Management

Keep track of all of your organisation's wallets in one place. Manage user roles and permissions. Control access to individual wallets. Create custom rules for transaction types and amounts.

Mass Payments

Simplified bulk crypto payments. Store wallet addresses for contacts. Create payment groups for regular payments. And pay hundreds of contacts in one go.


Create payment groups for regular mass payments

Store contact wallet addresses for recurring payments


Set up payments to 100,000+ different wallet address in one go