Crypto to Fiat

Exchange crypto to fiat currency with ease. Krayon supports businesses exchanging crypto to their local currency in over 90+ different countries.


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Exchange Fiat to Crypto And Vice Versa

Crypto to Fiat

Easily swap crypto for fiat in your local jurisdiction. Or swap fiat to crypto. Krayon provides on and off-ramp facilities to companies, DAOs and teams in over 90 countries.

Trade Crypto

Buy and sell crypto using fiat currency. We offer the best rates on hundreds of different cryptocurrencies by using our smart order routing system to channel orders across multiple exchanges.

Crypto Custody

Keep your crypto assets secure with our MPC-based business wallet. We offer institutional grade custody at a fraction of the cost.

Exchanging Crypto to Fiat

Frequently asked questions

How to transfer from crypto wallet to fiat wallet
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You'll first need to set up an account with us. To do that simply sign-up and follow the instructions. Once you've created a wallet on Krayon, you can deposit your crypto currency and sell down to fiat. You can either keep your assets in your wallet in stable coins or transfer to your bank account.

How to convert crypto to fiat
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Once your wallet is set up, you'll need to transfer your crypto to your Krayon wallet. From there you can click "withdraw funds" and decide the amount you'd like to withdraw. If your assets are held in crypto they'll be sold down at the best available rate before being transferred to your bank account. Bank transfers take roughly two to five business days.

How to buy crypto with fiat
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You can buy hundreds of different cryptocurrencies directly from your Krayon wallet using bank transfer or debit card. It's really straight forward to do. Once you've set up an account, simply follow the instructions to fund your account and buy whichever cryptocurrencies you wish.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.
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