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We believe that institutional grade digital asset custody should be available to everyone. Companies, DAOs and teams use Krayon to secure their digital assets - An easy to use platform for crypto custody, that you can signup for in seconds.


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What Is Digital Asset Custody

Digital asset custody, or crypto custody as some like to refer to it, is a pretty broad term that includes different methods for storing or protecting other people's digital assets. Crypto custody is similar to the custody of traditional financial assets, where you rely on third party custodians to safeguard them. However, there's one major difference with crypto. Given the decentralised nature of digital asset infrastructure, it's impossible to roll back transactions. This means if your assets are stolen, it would be virtually impossible to recover them. And this is why security is even more necessary when it comes to digital asset custody.

Why Use Krayon For Digital Asset Custody

MPC Crypto Custody

Krayon uses multi-party computation (MPC) to secure your digital assets. MPC is the leading solution for crypto asset custody.

Built For Business

Krayon's digital asset custody platform was built for companies and teams. With Krayon, you can create an organisational account that lets you manage user roles and permissions.

Mass Payments

Make bulk payments to hundreds of contacts in just a few clicks. We make it easy for businesses to handle mass crypto payments.

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Frequently asked questions

What technology is behind your digital asset custody solution
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Krayon uses MPC (multi-party computation) as well as other security measure to keep your crypto assets secure. You can learn more here: What is MPC?

How do you compare to a multisig
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The short answer is that multisig wallets aren't fit for enterprise solutions. Multisigs lack the operational flexibility and privacy afforded to you by using an MPC solution. You can check out this page on MPC vs. Multi-sig.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.
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