How To Set Up A Crypto Wallet For Your Business

Krayon has made it super easy to set up a crypto wallet for your business. And it only takes a couple of minutes.

How To Set Up A Crypto Wallet For Your Business

6 simple steps to set up a crypto wallet for your business:

STEP #1: Sign up to Krayon using your business email

Add your business email address to sign up for our business wallet.

Note: our business wallet solution is currently in private beta. But if you’d like to be a part of our pilot programme, then add your email and we’ll reach out to you if we have additional spaces available.

STEP #2: Add your business’s name & set your policies

You’ll be asked to set up security policies when you first create your account, including how many parties will be required to approve transactions. This is to keep your assets safe. And you can amend these in your business wallet settings at a later date.

STEP #3: Create as many crypto wallets as you want

You can create multiple wallets for the same or different blockchains. This will let you keep your business’s crypto assets in segregated wallets depending on their purpose.

STEP #4: Add your employees to your account

You can add employees and staff. Our business wallet solution lets you manage user roles and permissions. So depending on how much control you wish to give to your employees, you can edit their permissions within your business settings.

STEP #5: Deposit funds from your business account to your business’s wallet

You can buy crypto directly from your business wallet via bank transfer. We don’t hold fiat currencies, but you can of course keep stable coins in your wallet.

STEP #6: Buy crypto for your business

You can swap crypto directly from your wallet and we use exchange aggregators to find you the best possible rate for any cryptocurrencies you wish to trade.

And that's it! Check out our Business Crypto Wallet solution today.

Why Use Krayon To Set Up A Crypto Wallet For Your Business

MPC Custody

Secure your business's crypto assets with institutional grade custody using our MPC business wallet solution. You can create as many wallets as your business needs.

Multiple Business Wallets

Keep track of all of your business's wallets in one place. Manage user roles and permissions for your employees. Control access to individual business wallets. Create custom rules for transaction types and amounts.

Business Bulk Payments

Looking to pay staff or vendors with crypto? We've got your covered with simplified bulk crypto payments. Pay hundreds of employees in one go.