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Companies, DAOs and teams use Krayon's NFT wallet to securely store their NFTs. Krayon uses MPC (multi-party computation) to protect your private keys and prevent theft of your crypto collectibles. Sign up in seconds. Try it for FREE.


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Why Use Krayon's NFT Wallet

MPC Wallet

Multi-Party Computation requires multiple parties to approve your transactions without exposing private keys. You can create as many MPC wallets as you need to safeguard your NFTs.

Wallet Management

Keep track of all of your NFTs in one place. Companies and teams can also manage user roles and control access to individual wallets.

Best ETH NFT Wallet

Krayon is the best wallet for NFTs on the Ethereum network. We're gradually rolling out support for other networks.

The Best Crypto Wallet For NFTs

Frequently asked questions


How to set up an NFT wallet

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To set up an NFT wallet with Krayon simply sign up and create an account. From there you'll be able to create as many wallets as you want. Right now we only support tokens and NFTs on ERC20. But we'll shortly be rolling out support for other networks. It only takes a couple of minutes to create a secure NFT wallet with Krayon. We've included steps for setting up your NFT wallet here.


How to use your NFT wallet with Opensea

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You can connect your NFT wallet to Opensea by going to Opensea and clicking connect wallet. From there, you'll want to choose the Wallet Connect option. Scan the QR code from the Krayon mobile app to connect your NFT wallet to Opensea.


How to transfer NFTs from one wallet to another

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Transferring your NFTs from one wallet to another is easy. Start by selecting the NFT in your current wallet. Click the "send" button. Input the recipients address. And confirm the transaction.

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Best wallet for NFTs

Want to learn more about our MPC Wallet for NFTs?

If you're thinking about using an MPC wallet to keep your crypto collectibles safe, but not sure how it compares to other wallets - check out this post on MPC vs. Multi-sig. Or if you want to learn more about Multi-Party Computation you can check out this page on What Is MPC.